What is VAC® ?

Individuals, professionals, executives, family businesses and corporate continually search trainers, consultants, coach and mentors for assisting them in their journey to excellence. The search is quite complex.

Work affects life and life affects work. Both aspects are dependent yet mutually exclusive. Business growth through business excellence tools and personal growth through paradigm shift need to be worked upon together with through understanding of the realities and the prevailing dynamics.

ADDVALUE Consulting, has introduced Value Added Coaching – VAC®, which is the most simplest and unique integration and synchronization of Business Coaching and Life Coaching to address this complexity.

Value Added Coaching is customized, flexible and addresses individuals, teams, family business and corporate as a whole.

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Family Business


Executives, Professionals & CEO’s

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Family Business & Partnership

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Ask Yourself

Do you feel lonely driving your business?

Does your speed of thought limit your risk taking ability?

Do you find it difficult to overcome your own internal resistances?

Why do partnerships rarely last a lifetime?

Why only a few family businesses are passed on to the next generation?

Why only few companies make it large and the rest don’t?

What do high performing organizations do to achieve greater business results?

How are internal & external challenges addressed?

How is the journey of excellence continually pursued?

If any of the above situations and challenges sound familiar, then you are not alone. All of us look for changes but struggle to achieve them ourselves as we have to move past the current mindsets, habits and beliefs.

What makes you explore the possibility of working with the professional business coach and life coach?

How We Help

Design & Paint "My Value Adding Work Book"

Meet a friend, philosopher, and an experienced coach

Track your progress, share and add value to others as well

Design & Follow "Family Business Work Book"

Clear distinction between Personal, Family & Business Values

Family Business Continuity and Professionally driven Organization

Brand visibility and increased market share

Increased profitability, business growth and scaling up

Aligned teams functioning cohesively together

Know Your Coaches

Mr.Nilesh Arora and Dr.Gunjan Arora are very passionate and focused on business coaching and life coaching. They have designed flexible and customized programs to suit different needs and purposes.

They work together in synchronization to help you be clear on what you want, learn what is important to you and help you create and follow a plan aligned with your core strengths.

They are very supportive in bringing about all the changes needed to achieve the desired results.

They have designed the most unique, simplified and powerful coaching and mentoring methodology – Value Added Coaching (VAC®).
VAC® is a very effective, customized methodology applicable to:

  • VAC® -CEO Mentoring Program (CMP) for Professionals, Executives and Entrepreneurs
  • VAC® - Family Business Management (FBM) for family owned & partnership businesses
  • VAC® - Organization Excellence (OE) for Corporates

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