CEO Mentoring Program (CMP)

VAC® - CMP is exclusively designed for professionals, Entrepreneurs and Start Ups .The Program is uniquely crafted for coaching and mentoring the participants to strive for excellence simultaneously in work and life and achieve desired success. A friend, philosopher and an experienced guide is needed to hand hold you during your life journey.

VAC® - CMP is an outbound, intensive and interactive program, conducted by the Business coach and Life Coach simultaneously, to change your overall perspective of profession and life for creating a progressive future through the unique process of aligning the mindset with personal and professional life.


  • Understanding Self
  • Life Goals
  • Business Vision
  • Business Decision Making
  • Aligning work and life
  • Daily Work Management
  • Progressive Thinking
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Relationship Management
  • Design your Life and Work
  • Strategies for Success


  • Outbound, interactive, in depth Program
  • Group and Personal games
  • Case study methodology

Return on investment

  • Meet a friend, philosopher and an experienced coach to hand hold you in your journey to excellence
  • Paint your life and work in "My Value Adding Work Book"
  • Track your progress, share and add value to others as well

For Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Start Ups