Gunjan was born in a simple, middle class family, which focused on education and simplicity.

Life took a sudden turn for her, when she lost her father on her 18th birthday. The family responsibility came on her shoulders, along with relocation to a new city.

She never gave up and graduated in Family Relations with a Gold Medal. She pursued her Masters in Psychology, which opened the world for her.

Post marriage, her passion for deeper understanding of the human mind continued in form of gaining further knowledge.

  • BSc - Family Relations (Gold Medalist)
  • MSc - Psychology
  • MS - Psychotherapy
  • PhD - Counseling
  • Certified NLP Master Practitioner
  • Certified Advance Life Coach

Dr. Gunjan Arora, is partner ADDVLAUE, who brings about mindset changes, by addressing internal challenges in individuals, family and corporate. She assists in creating a progressive thinking.

Dr. Gunjan Arora, is currently Life Coach, Family Coach and Corporate Counselor with several CEOs and organizations across the globe.